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Brand Visualization



M7’s logo consists of the letter M and numeral seven connected via diagonal dividers. The M7 logo is a simple, bold statement exemplifying clarity, strength, and simplicity.

Primary Logo

Depending on whether the background is white, black or colored, the appropriate logo may be chosen from those provided below.

Secondary Logo

M7 provides multiple secondary logos for use based on purpose and use. These images are provided below.


Negative Space

Negative space around the logo should extend at least the width of two letter strokes.

Incorrect Use

  1. Do not rotate.

  2. Do not use unauthorized colors for the logo or text.

  3. Do not use unauthorized typeface.

  4. Do not outline the logo or text.

  5. Do not fill in or cover the logo.

  6. Do not break or wrap the logo.

  7. Do not connect the logo with other text or imagery.

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