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We use photograph to project a sense of our target industries and technology into our designs. Photography helps us express M7 Services’ values and mission, reflecting our expertise, background and our business. It’s through photography that we visually connect on an emotional level with our audiences. In general, our photography covers three main categories:

  • People

  • Industry

  • Technology

We go more in-depth for each category below with what to consider when planning a photoshoot or sourcing stock photography. To access M7 Services-approved images of past events, please click here.


People: Portraits

Formal portraits of company staff or leadership should feature subject against a solid white surface or obscured background, staring at the camera, free of props. These images should be shot from the waist up, with sufficient headroom and sideroom. This simple format enables the company to reproduce identical images with a focus on the individual rather than the environment.

People: Groups

Group shots should capture the energy and purpose of an image rather than the smiling portrait of a model. When photographing, the photographer should spend time with the subjects at work, at play, and during casual conversations.

People: Things to Avoid

  • Photos lacking focal point or clear sightline.

  • Photos demonstrating excessive 'goofiness'.

  • Photos with distorted lenses or effects.

  • Photos incorporating legacy branding.


Industry: General

Photos of the Industry should be demonstrative of environments targeted by M7's business. Photos should be focused, relevant and professional. The images should be relevant and identifiable by the end-user as environments managed by M7 Services.










Industry: Things to Avoid

Photos of the industry should avoid any environment not relevant to M7 Services. These images should also be clear of third-party marking or branding.


Technology: General

All technology photographs should be of technology relevant to M7's business. Technology should be current and modern. All photography should be professional and infocus without filters and effects on imagery.










Technology: Things to Avoid

Photography should avoid out-of-date equipment or software and be clean of any branding.

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