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M7 uses the Avenir font. This typeface provides a classic yet modern style that works well for print, websites, mobile apps, and electronic publications. These three weights are used.

Avenir Light

Avenir Black

Avenir Heavy

Light and Black weigths are used for most applications, with Light used for links and smaller headlines (H3 and below) in digital formats.

Public-facing materials must use Avenir. On rare occasions when Avenir is not available, Montserrat may be used.

Typography Usage

Avenir Black is used for headlines.

Avenir Light is used for sub headlines, body copy, and other cases.

Kerning / Tracking: Use -4% for headlines and -2% for body copy.

Leading: Use +5pt of type size as a starting point, loosening or tightening depending on visual coherence, application, and your best judgement.

Color Contrast

Color contrast should meet level AA of the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

Digital Applications

The default paragraph font size is 20 px or larger screens and 15 px on smaller screens.

Incorrect Use

1. Do not use colored text.

2. Do not use black text over photo backgrounds.

3. Do not use white text over bright or busy backgrounds.

4. Do not put text over faces.

5. Do not place text at an angle.

6. Do not place text along a curved path.

7. Do not use a similarly sized header and sub header font.

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