Technology Partnerships.

M7 Services recognizes that in order to be a premier MSP, we need to forge strong strategic relationships with leading technology vendors in our industry. That's why we have close partnerships with some of the largest technology providers in the industry, to offer our customers the best possible solutions.

Technology Partnerships

Technology Partnership Program.

Our Technology Partnerships Program allows us to integrate with cutting-edge technologies and leverage their unique expertise and capabilities, ensuring that we can deliver the most comprehensive and innovative solutions to our customers. We work closely with our partners to ensure that our technologies are interoperable and scalable, knowledge is accurate, and solutions can be easily integrated into existing systems.

Whether you're a technology provider looking for support of your solutions or a customer looking for a company providing services over your complete technology stack, we're confident that we can provide you with the best possible solutions.

Current Partners.

We're proud to have established strong relationships with some of the most innovative technology providers in the industry, and we're constantly seeking out new partnerships to stay ahead of the curve. Below you'll find some of the current technology partners working with M7 Services.

XN Pos Logo xnPOS is a fully internationalized food & beverage point of sale  system designed to meet the specific requirements of the hotel industry. It is a centrally managed, full-service, cloud system with enterprise scalability, security and performance. With a focus on self-service for guests and mobility for hotel team members, xnPOS can help revolutionize your hotel service and dramatically reduce operating costs. xnPOS is successfully installed in hotels in some 50 countries worldwide.

Oracle Logo

Oracle MICROS provides stable, reliable, and secure point of sale (POS) systems for restaurants, hotels, resorts, casinos, stadiums, arenas, cruise ships, transportation hubs, and retail stores around the globe.

As a global leader in POS hardware, software, open integrations, and innovation, Oracle MICROS also maintains a 40-year tradition of excellence in consultation and support services for its cloud-based and on-premise POS customers across 180+ countries.

Building Value.

Partnerships are an essential part of building value in any business. By collaborating with these organizations, M7 Services leverages increased expertise, efficient response, industry standards awareness and complementary skills and resources to achieve shared return on investment and create greater value for our respective customers. Partnerships lead to increased innovation, expanded market reach, and improved customer satisfaction. When we work with our partners effectively, we create a seamless experience for our customers, providing a more comprehensive solution than either of our businesses could offer alone. By building and nurturing our partnerships, M7 Services unlocks new opportunities for growth and position our businesses for long-term success in a competitive market.

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